Explore the Benefits of Jilibet Promotions and Bonuses


Participating in online betting activities on platforms like Jilibet opens up an avenue for gamblers to maximize the advantages presented by various bonuses and promotions. This approach enhances their chances of securing additional real money earnings. Gamblers must, however, remain attentive to the diverse range of available bonuses to avoid any misunderstandings about eligibility. Furthermore, they should be mindful of the specific terms and conditions associated with each bonus, as compliance is necessary for the successful withdrawal of bonus funds.

Jilibet’s Array of Bonuses and Promotions

Jilibet's Array of Bonuses and Promotions

Upon registering with Jilibet, gamblers gain access to an array of casino bonuses and promotions, albeit with certain limitations. Most of these bonuses apply to a wide range of games, excluding live sabong betting, while one bonus remains exclusive to games developed by a specific provider. The bonuses encompass the following:

First Deposit/Welcome Bonus 

Jilibet players can enjoy a First Deposit Bonus of up to 100%, contingent on the amount of their initial deposit. The deposit tiers and associated percentages are as follows:

  • 100 PHP: 60%
  • 200 PHP: 80%
  • 500 PHP: 90%
  • 1,000 PHP: 100% 

This bonus necessitates a 19x rollover requirement and can be utilized solely in live dealer games, card games, fish shooting games, slot machines, and sports betting options.

Daily Stake Bonus 

Gamblers on Jilibet can avail themselves of a daily stake bonus, which rewards them based on their cumulative daily bets. Though comparatively modest, this bonus still offers additional funds. The bonus amounts for different bet accumulations are as follows:

  • 8,888 PHP: 17 bonus funds
  • 20,000 PHP: 37 bonus funds
  • 50,000 PHP: 57 bonus funds 

This bonus carries a 1x rollover requirement and is applicable across all betting options on the platform.

Total Weekly Accumulated Deposit Bonus 

Jilibet features a cumulative deposit bonus, offering potential rewards of up to 26,000 PHP, depending on the weekly accumulated deposits. The bonus tiers are as follows:

  • Accumulated deposit of 1,000 PHP: 20% bonus (up to 500 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 2,000 PHP: 21% bonus (up to 2,000 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 5,000 PHP: 22% bonus (up to 5,000 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 10,000 PHP: 23% bonus (up to 5,000 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 30,000 PHP: 24% bonus (up to 5,000 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 50,000 PHP: 25% bonus (up to 5,000 PHP)
  • Accumulated deposit of 100,000 PHP: 26% bonus (up to 26,000 PHP) 

Meeting a 2x rollover requirement is mandatory to withdraw the associated bonus funds. For instance, a 35,000 PHP deposit would yield a 5,000 PHP bonus, necessitating a 10,000 PHP total bet to facilitate a withdrawal as real money.

Lucky Wager Bonus 

This casino bonus mandates a minimum deposit of 2,000 PHP and requires a total of 800 PHP in valid bets. The bonus amounts are relatively conservative, ranging from a minimum of 10 PHP to a maximum of 20 PHP. The wagering requirement for this bonus is set at 1x.

Daily Deposit AmountMaximum limit to be claimed per day
≥ 2,000 PHP1 time
≥ 5,000 PHP3 times
≥ 10,000 PHP7 times

Weekly Loss Relief Bonus 

In acknowledgment of the inherent nature of losses in online casinos, Jilibet provides relief by offering partial refunds based on incurred losses. The rewards are determined by the amount of loss, as indicated below:

  • Loss of at least 100 PHP: 6% extra rewards
  • Loss of at least 500 PHP: 8% extra rewards
  • Loss of at least 1,000 PHP: 10% extra rewards
  • Loss of at least 2,000 PHP: 15% extra rewards
  • Loss of at least 5,000 PHP: 20% extra rewards 

The maximum rebate stands at 1,000 PHP or 20% of 5,000 PHP, and a 3x wagering requirement applies.

Agent Weekly Commission Aspiring 

Agent Weekly Commission Aspiring

Jilibet agents can reap weekly commissions by inviting new members to the platform. A 10% additional commission becomes accessible upon generating at least ≥ 1,000 PHP in invites. This commission necessitates a 1x wagering requirement.

VIP Bonus System 

VIP Bonus System

Dedicated players on Jilibet can ascend the VIP ranks based on their cumulative real money wagers within a specific timeframe. VIP status ranges from VIP0 to VIP10, affording VIP members access to four exclusive bonuses:

VIP Upgrade Bonus 

Upon successful rank advancement, gamblers are granted a level-up bonus. The required wager amounts for each rank-up and the corresponding bonuses are as follows:

VIP LevelWager Amount for PromotionLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP3 PHP
29,000 PHP18 PHP
390,000 PHP28 PHP
4200,000 PHP58 PHP
5700,000 PHP108 PHP
62,000,000 PHP288 PHP
77,000,000 PHP888 PHP
810,000,000 PHP1,888 PHP
930,000,000 PHP3,888 PHP
1050,000,000 PHP5,888 PHP

VIP Daily Salary Bonus 

Gamblers receive a daily bonus based on their total daily wagers. The bonus amounts for each VIP level are as follows:

VIP LevelDaily Wager AmountLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP1 PHP
23,000 PHP3 PHP
310,000 PHP10 PHP
410,000 PHP10 PHP
550,000 PHP50 PHP
650,000 PHP50 PHP
750,000 PHP50 PHP
850,000 PHP50 PHP
950,000 PHP50 PHP
1050,000 PHP50 PHP

VIP Weekly Salary Bonus 

A weekly bonus is awarded to gamblers based on their total weekly wagers. The bonus amounts for each VIP level are as follows:

VIP LevelTotal Weekly WagerLevel Up Bonus
15,000 PHP3 PHP
210,000 PHP3 PHP
350,000 PHP15 PHP
450,000 PHP18 PHP
5200,000 PHP75 PHP
6200,000 PHP80 PHP
7200,000 PHP85 PHP
8200,000 PHP90 PHP
9200,000 PHP95 PHP
10200,000 PHP100 PHP

VIP Monthly Salary Bonus 

This bonus is calculated based on the total monthly wagers. The bonus amounts for each VIP level are as follows:

VIP LevelTotal Monthly WagerLevel Up Bonus
18,000 PHP4
280,000 PHP40
3100,000 PHP50
4100,000 PHP50
5500,000 PHP250
6500,000 PHP250
71,000,000 PHP500
81,500,000 PHP750
92,000,000 PHP1,000
105,000,000 PHP2,500

By understanding and strategically utilizing these bonuses and promotions, gamblers can enhance their experience and potentially boost their winnings on the Jilibet platform.


Among the various options, the daily deposit bonus stands out as a popular choice, particularly among casual gamers. However, for slot enthusiasts, the T1 Games bonus might be more appealing, as it caters to players enjoying BGSoft’s slot machine offerings, rewarding them for successful wins. Meanwhile, some individuals may find the rescue bonus appealing, given its potential for recouping losses, while VIP members may focus primarily on the exclusive bonuses tailored to their status.

Each bonus is accompanied by its own set of terms and conditions, including the allowable frequency of use. The first deposit bonus is a one-time offer, whereas the daily deposit bonus is available once per day.

No, Jilibet strictly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of exploiting the bonus system. Violation of this policy can lead to account termination or the freezing of associated funds.

Certainly, utilizing Jilibet bonuses can contribute to greater real money winnings over time.

To withdraw bonus funds, gamblers are required to meet the specified turnover requirements. Additionally, it’s essential to initiate the bonus activation process by contacting customer support before engaging in any betting activities.


Jilibet’s bonuses play a crucial role in enhancing gamblers’ chances of securing more real money earnings, particularly in fortunate instances. To ensure optimal utilization, gamblers should adhere to proper bonus usage guidelines. This includes activating the bonus via customer support, meeting the minimum deposit criteria, and satisfying the prescribed turnover requirements to enable the withdrawal of bonus funds.

By registering with Jilibet today, you can capitalize on the 100% first deposit bonus and enhance your potential for increased winnings. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to join the VIP club by accumulating a sufficient amount of funds over time.