A Detailed Guide on How to Play Online Sabong

In the realm of exciting online activities, Sabong has emerged as a thrilling pastime for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. This engaging and adrenaline-pumping sport is not only a source of entertainment but also a platform to test your strategic skills and instincts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricate details of how to play Online Sabong and provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the registration process. 

How To Play Online Sabong

Playing sabong is a straightforward endeavor, yet some individuals might find themselves bewildered by the spectacle when observing a match. In case you’re contemplating learning the ropes of online sabong, familiarizing yourself with the game’s regulations, specific terminology, and the process of making bets is essential.

Mastering the Rules of Sabong

Mastering the Rules of Sabong

Sabong is a straightforward sport governed by a few uncomplicated rules. Its simplicity lies in the fact that it revolves around two roosters battling within a pit until one is incapable of fighting further. The foundational rules encompass the following aspects:

  • A sabong match comprises three stages: ulatan, ruweda, and the actual confrontation.
  • During the ulatan phase, roosters of comparable attributes – such as height, weight, size, and wingspan – are paired for fairness.
  • In the ruweda stage, the rooster owners present their birds to the audience, while the announcer outlines the terms of the fight and the kristo collects bets.
  • Both competing roosters are equipped with metal spurs.
  • The roosters are positioned in the cockpit and engage in combat until one or both are incapable of continuing.
  • A predetermined timeframe, typically spanning 10-15 minutes, is allocated for the battle.
  • Victory is achieved when one rooster perishes or when the judge or referee declares a winner.

Understanding these regulations equips bettors with the capacity to grasp the proceedings of a sabong match, enabling them to appreciate the contest rather than merely placing meron, wala, or draw bets devoid of comprehension.

How to Play Online Sabong

How to Play Online Sabong

Learning how to initiate participation in online sabong differs from learning strategies for triumphing in the activity. The primary step to take in entering the world of e-sabong involves identifying an online casino or sabong website for registration. Notably, Jilibet stands as a prime illustration of an online casino encompassing sabong betting options, complemented by an array of additional casino games catering to diverse gamblers.

Selecting an online casino necessitates considering the following attributes of a commendable establishment:

  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions
  • Efficient customer support
  • Secure payment systems
  • Extensive game selection
  • Licensing from reputable authorities
  • Availability of live dealer games

While sabong sites might feature a narrower selection of games compared to online casinos, the preferred choice should be associated with a provider offering a diverse array of matches. This diversity empowers gamblers to select contests on which to place their bets. Once the bettor has made their choice and registered with an online casino or sabong betting site, an initial deposit is requisite to facilitate subsequent betting.

Exploring Varied Sabong Bets

Enthusiasts of sports betting will discern that sabong matches typically present the 1×2 or moneyline betting option, taking the form of meron, wala, and draw bets. The meron and wala bets in online sabong mirror the concept of home and away bets in other sports – they pertain to specific roosters within a match. In contrast, the draw bet anticipates an outcome wherein both roosters are rendered incapable of further combat.

Meron or Llamado: 

This bet is placed on the favored rooster or llamado. Despite its alignment with the favorite, some bookmakers might present generous odds, potentially involving underdog roosters.

Wala or Dejado: 

Wala bets target the underdog or dejado rooster. Despite its association with underdogs, certain bookmakers might offer diminished odds, sometimes encompassing favored roosters.

Draw Bets: 

Draw bets can prevail under two circumstances: when both roosters perish or when both remain able to continue fighting post a designated period, known as “Full-Time.”

Notably, the payouts for meron and wala bets fluctuate according to the status of the favored or underdog rooster. Draw bets typically boast an 8.00 payout, rendering them potentially lucrative in rare instances where a match culminates in a draw. This pays differential reflects the greater probability of one rooster prevailing over the other rather than both roosters meeting the same fate.

Unveiling the Elements of a Sabong Contest

The realm of online sabong revolves around the live streaming of actual cockpit battles, supplemented by odds extended to virtual bettors by sabong gaming providers. These live matches unfold in real time, with bets exclusively feasible during ongoing online sabong matches.

Mirroring the conventional structure, a sabong bout encompasses three stages – ulatan, ruweda, and the confrontation itself.


This preliminary stage aligns roosters based on shared physical attributes encompassing height, weight, wingspan, and size. Equitable pairings minimize unjust advantages, as fairness remains paramount. During the ulatan, roosters are equipped with blades, generally fixed to their left legs, though deviations might occur based on the owners’ preferences.


Owners assume the role of showcasing their roosters during the ruweda phase, holding them within the cockpit while allowing the audience to gauge their temperaments and physical traits. Bettors seize this opportunity to assess the roosters, enabling informed betting choices. This stage concurrently marks the juncture for placing meron, wala, or draw bets.


Following the ruweda phase, a predetermined time elapses, signaling the end of betting activity as the combat commences. Roosters are unleashed into the ring, initiating the intense clash. The match concludes upon the incapacity of one or both roosters to persist.

Minimum Wager Amount

The minimum sum allowable for bets varies contingent on the platform and sabong gaming provider. At DS88, Jilibet’s provider, a minimum bet of 20 PHP is prescribed.

Initiating Online Sabong Betting

Initiating Online Sabong Betting

Bettors delving into online sabong wagering can embark on their journey through the following course of action:

  • Visit Jilibet or an alternate online casino or sabong betting site.
  • Register an account.
  • Optionally, download the Jilibet mobile app.
  • Effectuate a deposit.
  • Navigate to the sabong betting section.
  • Commence betting.

Commencing the foray into online sabong betting distinguishes itself from comprehending the gameplay. First-time participants might grapple with the intricacies of sabong matches, hence a foundational understanding is imperative. While seasoned bettors might possess adept comprehension, glancing through winning strategies can enhance both enjoyment and financial gains.

Opting for an online sabong app, such as the Jilibet app, presents an alternative avenue for engaging in online sabong matches.

Advantages of Online Cockfight Betting

Advantages of Online Cockfight Betting

Preferring online platforms for sabong betting extends several benefits compared to conventional local cockpits. A few advantages are elucidated below:

Bonuses and Promotions

Various online casinos bestow gamblers with diverse casino bonuses to augment potential winnings. Jilibet, for instance, offers a range of bonuses, including Welcome Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, and VIP Programs. Withdrawal necessitates meeting specific rollover requisites to convert bonus funds into real money.


Most online casinos and sabong sites feature dedicated online sabong apps, enhancing the betting experience beyond web-based interfaces. Desktop access enables bets from home, while mobile apps, exemplified by Jilibet, provide on-the-go betting as long as an internet connection is available.

Varied Wagering Limits

Online sabong platforms accommodate both modest and substantial bets, alleviating concerns about wager size. Jilibet, for instance, accommodates bets ranging from a 20 PHP minimum to a 5,000 PHP maximum.


Begin by registering at Jilibet, deposit funds, navigate to the sabong betting section, and place a bet on Meron, Wala, or Draw.

The minimum bet is 20 PHP.

Opting for online sabong betting, especially through Jilibet, ensures convenient access to matches and obviates the need to locate a regulated local cockpit for betting.


Participating in online sabong presents a user-friendly endeavor, requiring familiarity with the regulations to grasp the proceedings. With secure sites like Jilibet, even novices can venture into sabong betting by placing meron, wala, or draw bets. Nonetheless, the experience of placing bets without understanding the underlying dynamics pales in comparison to a comprehensive comprehension of the contest. Achieving proficiency in online sabong necessitates selecting a reputable online casino or betting site, which safeguards against financial and data security risks. Following this, familiarizing oneself with the rules assumes precedence, facilitating a profound appreciation of the matches.

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