Boom Legend Game: An Exciting Monster-Shooting Adventure

Boom Legend

Are you looking for an exhilarating online gaming experience that offers a refreshing twist to the traditional fish shooting games? Look no further than Boom Legend, the thrilling online monster-shooting game brought to you by JILI gaming. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the exciting world of Boom Legend and explore its unique features that make it stand out in the gaming landscape.

Exploring Boom Legend

Exploring Boom Legend

Boom Legend offers a gaming experience similar to fish shooting games, but with a captivating twist—it’s all about hunting monsters instead of fish. This innovative twist ensures that players never get bored with the same old gameplay.

Hunt for BONUS Monsters

Hunt for BONUS Monsters

One of the core elements of Boom Legend is the hunt for BONUS monsters. These elusive creatures hold the key to your fortunes in the game. The prize money you can earn is indicated in the table, and it’s directly tied to the size of your bet. The larger your bet, the better your chances of landing a bonus at the higher end of the prize range. Excitingly, the maximum bonus you can win is a whopping 88,888, making each monster encounter a thrilling opportunity.

Jili Boom Legend Fishing Game: Unique Interface Features

Jili Boom Legend Fishing Game Unique Interface Features

Boom Legend boasts a range of special monsters and weapons that add depth and excitement to the gameplay. Let’s dive into some of these intriguing elements.

Special Monsters

Goblin Bomber

Defeat the Goblin Bomber, and it will drop a bomb upon its demise. The explosion sends shockwaves through the area, potentially pushing back other monsters in its blast radius.


After defeating Medusa, beware of her petrifying gaze, which can damage monsters in its zone. Defeating her brings about her unique challenge.

Black Knight

To conquer the formidable Black Knight, deploy the Blade Aura for a devastating attack within the damage zone. Prepare for a fierce battle!

Special Weapons

Players in Boom Legend are given access to a number of unique weapons that can alter the course of the game. Here are some standout options:

Rocket Punch

Activate Rocket Punch, and watch your fist soar upward from your position. This powerful projectile penetrates and pushes back all monsters in its path, providing a tactical advantage.

Mystery Chest

Either a Rocket Punch or Mines will be inside a Mystery Box when you open it. These surprises can turn the game in your favor and keep things exciting.


Strategically place Mines anywhere on the map, and when they detonate, they inflict damage on monsters in a wide area. It’s a calculated risk that can yield substantial rewards.

Axe and Hammer

For those seeking even more power, the game offers the Axe and Hammer options:


Utilizing the Axe deducts 5 times your bet value but delivers a devastating blow to the targeted monster, making it an excellent choice for those who like to bet big for bigger rewards.


Opt for the Hammer, and you’ll deduct 15 times your bet value. This weapon hammers the targeted monster and may also strike nearby monsters with lightning, adding an electrifying twist to the gameplay.


They may reanimate as Dreadfreaks after killing monsters. The odds of winning even more money by defeating these fearsome adversaries can be as high as two times your initial wager.

Unleash the Power of Lightning Spear

Unleash the Power of Lightning Spear

One of the standout features of Boom Legend is the Lightning Spear, a special weapon that can turn the tide of battle. Here’s how it works:

  • Accumulate energy by shooting at monsters, with the energy bar filling based on your bets.
  • The Lightning Spear can be used to inflict lightning damage over a wide area at the center of the screen once the energy bar is full.
  • Be cautious, as using the Lightning Spear depletes the energy bar.
  • If you leave the game or experience a disconnection lasting more than 3 minutes, the energy bar resets.
  • The Lightning Spear will automatically trigger if the energy bar remains fully charged for more than 3 minutes.

Special Weapons Bonus: Cyclops and Golden Demons

Special Weapons Bonus Cyclops and Golden Demons

In your journey through Boom Legend, you’ll encounter formidable foes offering enticing bonuses:


Defeat the Cyclops for basic betting odds and a chance to obtain a treasure map. Collect 10 treasure maps to unlock a coveted Golden Treasure Chest.

Golden Demons

Take on the Golden Demons for a shot at gaining a Treasure Chest. Silver Treasure Chests provide an additional 2 times your odds, while Gold Treasure Chests offer an even more impressive 6 times your odds.

Unearth Special Weapons Bonus: Demon and Giant Octopus

Unearth Special Weapons Bonus Demon and Giant Octopus

The adventure doesn’t end there. Boom Legend features more special weapons to explore:


Defeat the Crocodile to claim the prize money displayed on the table. With larger bets, you increase your chances of landing a bonus in the higher range.

Giant Octopus

To gain Rage Points, fire a series of bullets at Octopus Heads and Arms. A spectacular prize draw begins when the Rage Bar is full. Targeting a Furious Octopus yields better prize draws, with a maximum multiplier of 800 times your bet.

Ready to Dive In?

Ready to Dive In

If you’re new to online casinos or looking to embark on an exciting gaming adventure, Jilibet invites you to try their online fish shooting game for free! Make the most of their generous Register Welcome Bonus, and start your journey to winning impressive prize money. Sign up today at Jilibet Casino and step into the thrilling world of Boom Legend!


In conclusion, Boom Legend is not just a game; it’s an immersive experience that combines monster hunting, strategy, and the thrill of winning big. With its unique features and exciting gameplay, it’s no wonder that Boom Legend is capturing the attention of gamers everywhere. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and become a legend in the world of monster shooting? Join the adventure today!

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