All-Star Fishing at Jilibet: Where Legends Reel in Big Wins

All-Star Fishing

All-Star Fishing, brought to you by JILI, is a beloved and straightforward angling game that has taken the gaming world by storm. This game is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring only a handful of common fish species with varying payouts. This approach makes it easy for players to remember which fish are the most lucrative, allowing them to focus on reeling in the big catches. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, as All-Star Fishing also boasts a delightful array of unique and special fish that can turn your gaming experience into a highly profitable venture.

Unpacking All-Star Fishing Basics

Unpacking All-Star Fishing Basics

JILI’s All-Star Fishing sets itself apart from other fishing games through its innovative mechanics. One key distinction lies in the “aim” function, which provides players with two distinct options:

Normal Lock

The Normal Lock function operates like the standard aiming mechanism found in most fishing games. Players can lock onto a single fish and automatically fire at it. The rate of fire matches the player’s normal shooting speed.

Special Lock

On the other hand, the Special Lock offers a unique twist. It enables a faster rate of fire compared to both the Normal Lock and the typical gambler’s clicking speed. However, it comes with a caveat – the Special Lock increases the risk of losing real money.

Exploring All-Star Fishing’s Special Features

Exploring All-Star Fishing's Special Features

All-Star Fishing by JILI comes loaded with a multitude of special features and weapons to compensate for the limited number of standard fish and their relatively low payouts. Let’s delve into these exciting in-game elements:

Free Thunderbolt

Players accumulate energy with each shot they fire. Once the energy meter is full, players can unleash a powerful thunderbolt attack for free, dealing devastating damage to distant targets.

Shark Bite

For a small cost of 4X the bet, players can increase their chances of catching fish. This boosts the adrenaline and excitement of every cast.

Jellyfish Cannon

At a cost of 6X the bet, the Jellyfish Cannon allows players to paralyze a specific fish species, making it easier to catch. It’s a strategic move for those aiming for bigger rewards.

Eagle Claw Hook

Investing 15X the bet in the Eagle Claw Hook not only improves the odds of catching fish but also triggers captivating capturing events. During these events, players can employ the hook to snag a fish, earning random rewards ranging from 99X to a staggering 999X. Moreover, the Eagle Claw Hook has the potential to initiate a Special Sea King encounter, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Special Fish

These unique fish symbols come in three distinct levels, each offering specific multipliers. Level 1 provides a 3X multiplier, level 2 boasts a 5X multiplier, and level 3 packs a hefty 7X multiplier, in addition to the species-specific multiplier. Attacking a Special Fish provides players with a chance to evolve the fish, enhancing their rewards.

Navigating the Three Royal Fishing Lobbies

Navigating the Three Royal Fishing Lobbies

All-Star Fishing offers three distinct lobbies tailored to cater to the diverse preferences and objectives of gamblers:

Newbie Room (Bets: 0.1-10)

The Newbie Room is a welcoming haven for beginners and budget-conscious players. With remarkably low minimum and maximum bets, ranging from PHP0.1 to PHP10 per shot, players can enjoy extended gameplay without worrying about significant losses.

Happy Room (Bets: 0.1-50)

The Happy Room serves as an intermediate lobby and is the preferred choice for most All-Star Fishing enthusiasts. It features an incredibly low minimum bet of PHP0.1 and a relatively high maximum bet of PHP50 per shot, offering a balanced gaming experience for players of varying skill levels.

Regal Room (Bets: 1-100)

For those seeking high rewards and thrilling gameplay, the Regal Room is the place to be. This lobby also introduces Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and Chain Long King, elevating the stakes and excitement. Players can wager as low as PHP10 and as high as PHP100 per shot, aiming for substantial winnings.

Deciphering All-Star Fishing Symbols and Payouts

Deciphering All-Star Fishing Symbols and Payouts

Similar to other fishing games, All-Star Fishing showcases a mix of standard fish species and special symbols, each with its unique payout structure:

Normal Fish Symbol Payouts

  • 2X
  • 3X
  • 4X
  • 6X
  • 8X
  • 9X
  • 10X

Special Fish Payouts


  • Puffer Fish (Level 1): 15X-20X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 3X for a total multiplier of 45X-60X
  • Second Puffer Fish (Level 2): 15X-25X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 5X for a total multiplier of 75X-125X
  • Golden Puffer Fish (Level 3): 15X-30X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 7X for a total multiplier of 105X-210X

King Squid

  • King Squid (Level 1): 20X-25X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 3X for a total multiplier of 60X-75X
  • Second King Squid (Level 2): 20X-30X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 5X for a total multiplier of 100X-150X
  • Golden King Squid (Level 3): 20X-35X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 7X for a total multiplier of 140X-245X

Monster Lobster

  • Monster Lobster (Level 1): 20X-30X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 3X for a total multiplier of 75X-90X
  • Second Monster Lobster (Level 2): 25X-35X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 5X for a total multiplier of 125X-175X
  • Golden Monster Lobster (Level 3): 25X-40X (Basic Multiplier) multiplied by 7X for a total multiplier of 175X-280X

Special Sea King Payouts

Special Sea King encounters, which can be randomly triggered and benefit from the Eagle Claw Hook, introduce various minigames with their own respective payouts:

  • Crystal Crab: 30X/40X/50X payout for the Crystal Crab and 111X-888X for the slot machine minigame.
  • Jewel Turtle: 40X/50X/60X payout for the Jewel Turtle and 111X-888X for the slot machine minigame.
  • Giant Octopus: 60X/80X/100X payout for the Giant Octopus and 360X/480X/600X for the bonus roulette wheel.
  • Phoenix: 20X-800X payout. Shooting at the Phoenix Special Sea King provides basic multipliers and a chance to unlock the “Awaken the Phoenix” minigame. Here, players repeatedly tap the Phoenix to strengthen the fire attack, with rewards reaching a maximum of 800X.
  • Giant Crocodile: 50X-1000X payout. Shooting at the Giant Crocodile yields basic multipliers and triggers the “Enrage the Crocodile” minigame. Players must repeatedly tap the screen to fill up the Rage meter, with bonuses going up to 1000X.
  • Naga: 50X-1200X payout. Shooting at the Naga provides basic multipliers and unlocks a unique minigame. Players select one of the two Electric Orbs displayed on the screen, prompting the Naga to perform a full-map electric attack. Each Electric Orb attack presents a chance for a Sapphire to drop, granting a free Electric Orb attack.


To embark on your All-Star Fishing adventure, start by registering at Jilibet. Once registered, browse the JILI games list or use the search function to find All-Star Fishing.

Absolutely. JILI’s All-Star Fishing game is a legitimate offering. Gamblers need only register at a reputable online casino like Jilibet to enjoy the game with peace of mind.

Indeed, it can be highly profitable. Thanks to the straightforward fish symbols and the abundance of Special Fish and Special Sea King encounters, players have the opportunity to secure significant payouts. However, to maximize profits, gamblers should maintain a substantial bankroll, venture into the Regal Room lobby, and practice effective bankroll management strategies.


All-Star Fishing is an exhilarating and accessible game that appeals to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the Newbie Room or a high roller seeking big rewards in the Regal Room, there’s a place for you in this aquatic adventure. Join the All-Star Fishing fun by registering at Jilibet today and dive into the world of JILI’s All-Star Fishing in an online casino. Let the reels spin, and may your nets be filled with bountiful rewards!

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