Elevate Your Ace Side Counting Card

One notable variation of traditional card counting is the Ace Side Count system. Unlike standard methods, the Ace Side Count focuses explicitly on tracking the number of aces remaining in the deck. This nuanced approach sets it apart, offering a more precise analysis and enhancing the player’s decision-making process.

Ace Side Count Card Counting System

The Betting Purposes of Ace Side Count

The Betting Purposes of Ace Side Count

Ace-neutral tactics, such as Omega II, Hi-Opt II, DHM, Uston APC, and Revere Advanced, are only compatible with this method. If you are utilizing any of these systems, the actual count is entirely accurate for the sake of strategy, but it needs to be more accurate for betting. Use the following approach to rectify this situation:

  • Determine the number of Aces that are more than the cards still in play, which may be harmful.
  • Perform the following calculation: multiply the number of Aces that are in excess by the absolute value of the point count value that the present strategy assigns to ten-value cards (which is typically one or two values).
  • In the meantime, the result should be added to the running count.
  • Perform a recalculation of the actual count for the sole purpose of betting.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work

Among the many ways to count cards in blackjack, the Ace Side blackjack method is among the more straightforward. Only two cards, the Ace Side, must be kept track of by you at all times. The logic is straightforward, and it is comparable to the Hi-Lo strategy.

There are excellent and terrible cards in blackjack, just like in every other online casino card game. Particularly cards you do not want to draw and cards you do want to draw. The Hi-Lo system separates these cards into high and low categories. It operates under the presumption that high cards are superior to low cards in value. If the cards still in the shoe are of a better rank, you have a greater chance of achieving a successful conclusion.

There is a similar idea behind the Ace Side card count, except that it reduces the number of cards to only two players. Aces are, without a doubt, the best card you can obtain. Not only are they essential for a natural blackjack, but regardless of whether or not they are used, they value a great deal. When you have an Ace on the table, it is significantly more straightforward to go to 17+ without going over and exceeding 21. Furthermore, if you go over anyhow, they can be worth one as well, providing you with some leeway to take chances that you otherwise wouldn’t do. Stacking the deck with aces is a significant advantage, especially with the basic blackjack strategy.

How to Use it?

On the other hand, the Hi-Opt I count is the most straightforward counting system that would work well with this approach: Tens are equal to one, while threes, fours, fives, and sixs are equal to one. To keep track of your ace side count, you count aces as -1 and deuces as +1.

How to Use it

To give you an example, your count begins at 0/0. Your Hi-Opt I running count is represented by the first “0,” and your ace-deuce running count is represented by the second “0.” Suppose the first hand comprises two tens, a seven, a five, and an eight. At this moment, your running count is -1/0. The second uses two tens, a five, a two, and a nine. Now, your running count is minus two and one. Adding the two running counts together is required to create an adjustment for an ace. Two plus one equals one, which is your ace-adjusted running count.

This ace-adjusted running count is precisely the same as the running count you would have produced if you had kept the Hi-Lo Count intact. Only the ratio of aces to deuces is taken into account when calculating the ace-deuce count; it does not consider the number of aces still present in the deck(s) that are played. In contrast, if you included the ace-deuce count in addition to your primary count (Hi-Opt I), you could increase your betting correlation from 88 to 97. This is the highest level you can achieve with a perfect side count of the proportion of aces to the remaining deck(s).

If you want to use this count in play, use the Hi-Opt I count for all insurance and playing strategy decisions, except doubling down on challenging 9s and 10s and splitting 10s. Your ace-adjusted count would be utilized for all betting decisions, including splitting tens, doubling down on challenging nines and tens, and doubling down on hard nines. Use the ace-adjusted count for these few doubling and splitting decisions because the Hi-Lo Count has a slightly more excellent playing strategy correlation than the Hi-Opt I Count. This is why you would use the ace-adjusted count during these decisions.

The Effectiveness of Using the Ace Side

The Effectiveness of Using the Ace Side

The technique was developed for traditional six-to-eight deck variations that are offered at the majority of casinos. The probabilities will be advantageous if you judge based on a trustworthy blackjack strategy chart.

However, you should anticipate making less than millions of dollars. If it were so simple, the casinos would be out of business, and we would be millionaires. All blackjack winning methods are the same as the house edge, except they work oppositely. To be more specific, the Ace Side card counting strategy provides the player with a 0.30–0.50% advantage over the house.

To the same extent that it is possible to win blackjack despite the house edge, it is also possible to lose with this method. On the other hand, because of the rule of averages, you will make a modest profit over the long term. Additionally, you will not risk any losses, so you can establish a secure environment to rehearse and work on your abilities at the game without depleting your financial resources.

Playing Purposes of Ace Side

Playing Purposes of Ace Side

Ace-reckoned strategies, such as High-Low, Halves, Red Seven, Zen Count, and Revere Point Count, are compatible with this approach. Please note that if you want to use an Ace SC for one of these strategies, you must use a separate set of plan tables. Nowadays, just a small number of people employ this method. If you are utilizing any of these strategies, the actual count is highly accurate for betting purposes, but less need to be more paying purposes. Please follow the steps outlined below to rectify this situation:

  • Determine the number of Aces that are more than the cards still in play, which may be harmful.
  • Perform the following calculation: multiply the total number of Aces that are in excess by the absolute value of the point count value that the current strategy assigns to ten-value cards (which is typically one or two).
  • For now, deduct the outcome from the total number of running counts.
  • Only to decide strategy, recalculate the actual count.
  • If this is a choice about insurance, temporarily deduct twice the outcome from the total number of running counts.
  • It is solely for insurance considerations that you should recalculate the actual count.

Implementing Ace Side Count in Blackjack 

Implementing Ace Side Count in Blackjack

For those intrigued by the Ace Side Count system, integrating it into your blackjack strategy is a step-by-step process. Start by familiarizing yourself with the assigned values for aces and practice maintaining a separate count while playing. Beginners should master the basics before incorporating the Ace Side Count into their gameplay. With consistent practice, it becomes a valuable tool for optimizing decision-making during a blackjack session.

One significant advantage of employing the Ace Side Count is its increased accuracy. Traditional card-counting methods might overlook the importance of aces, but this system ensures they are given the attention they deserve. The enhanced strategy resulting from a precise ace count can lead to more favorable outcomes for the player.


In conclusion, the Ace Side Count system offers a compelling alternative for players looking to elevate their blackjack game. By honing this specialized skill, individuals can gain a nuanced understanding of deck composition, leading to more strategic and favorable gameplay. While challenges exist, the rewards of mastering the Ace Side Count make it a valuable addition to any player’s repertoire.

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